Roof cleaning is an important task that should be done at least once a year. Mother Nature throws a lot at your house every year. Rain storms, snow storms, and wind storms can do significant damage to your roof if it is not maintained on a regular basis. It’s important that cleaning job is carried out by a professional roofing contractor in order to ensure that roof lasts for a long time and keeps water from leaking inside.

Removal of Algae and Debris

Black Algae is sometimes misleadingly referred to as “fungus” or “mildew”, and is usually found on the slopes of the roof that have limited exposure to the sun. These days, many people install shingles made with copper or zinc as they’re designed in inhibit algae growth. However, professional roof cleaning is still the most trusted way to go. Some people use pressure wash but the best solution is by cleaning the roof with a special chemical solution and a brush. These solutions can inhibit the growth of algae.

Removal of fungi is necessary because it mostly consumes on organic material of your roof, and your roof would deteriorate much more quickly. As granules of your shingles break down, your roof may become more susceptible to UV rays and inclement weather. In fact, even from pure aesthetic perspective, green and black fungus and algae can significantly diminish the value of your house.

Roof cleaning not only restores the appearance of your roof, but also extends the life of the roofing material. Even if you’re using fiberglass shingles, there’s still a risk of damage to your roof from algae and fungi. Limestone in fiberglass shingles attracts bacteria, and also causes black streaks on your roof.

Debris staining is also a common issue on many low pitched roofs with lots of surrounding tree and bushes with overhanging branches. Mostly staining occurs when debris such as branches and tree leaves pile up on roof and retain moisture, causing serious damage to the roof if left unchecked. Usually lichens, moss and other plant life thrives on neglected roof and the best way to fix this issue is to hire a roof contractor to clean your roof.

Examination of Rain Gutters

Your rain gutter also need yearly attention. They catch all kind of things during the year, such as branches, leaves and grains form your roof shingles that may slough off during storms. Clogged and heavy rain gutter can cause serious drainage issues that may even lead to flooding inside your house. In fact, a heavy rain gutter can also damage the wood that your gutters are attached to. Replacing this wood is cumbersome as you’ll have to completely remove the gutters to access the wood face they’re attached to. Timely gutter and roof cleaning can reduce the damage to your roof and will also extend its life.

Roof repairs

The last and most important thing to do when roof cleaning is to perform some roof repair. Your chosen roof contractor will examine your roof and replace all shingles that have blow off or have been damaged. This won’t take much time and can help your roof last longer and will also reduce any chances of leaking during storms.

There are a numerous roof cleaning issues that if left unchecked, can definitely wreak havoc on your roof.. It’s important to notice the signs that your roof needs cleaning and the causes that may lead to the its deterioration. Preventative measures such a roof cleaning and repair are much cheaper than replacement costs associated with restoring a completely neglected roof.

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